Mar 14 all-day Somalia
Peer Debate will include debates on financial education/literacy, employment issues particularly after school and the need to make students well versed in financial literacy before their secondary level.
Mar 14 all-day Yemen
For All Foundation and its partners celebrate the opening with stand-up comdey shows, story telling, painting competitions, savings contests and
Mar 15 all-day Somalia
Young people/students engage actively in discussions to ensure that they have rights to be financial literate, enjoy financial education lessons and learn the importance of financial literacy for future finance security.
Mar 15 all-day Yemen
A radio show is organized by school students that prepare and present about the culture of
Mar 16 all-day Somalia
There will be sessions in which the participants will be taught about the Somali currency which has been replaced by the US dollar in the wake of the Somali civil war and collapse of Somalia?s … Continue reading Action for Women and Child Concern Organization
Mar 16 all-day Yemen
Youth program (Mocha Cafe) – Yemen Today Satellite Channel with an item on
Mar 17 all-day Somalia
Key issues will be how the Somali currency be revived and what affect the demise of Somali currency has on the economy and if Somalia manages to revive its currency how could be prevented from … Continue reading Action for Women and Child Concern Organization
Mar 17 all-day Yemen
Cinema sessions are organized for students of all
Mar 17 all-day Somalia
SYC and its partners raise awareness on money matters and the importance of saving and self-employment in a country where the bulk of employment is either self or by private companies.
Mar 17 all-day Sudan
SCEFA and its partners have a cultural program with songs, music, story telling, and competitions on saving, planning and spending money.

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