Mar 14 all-day Romania
Middle school students will spend a whole day with their parents, at their parents? jobs trying to figure put exactly what a job assumes); feedback session on Job Shadowing- students will be split in groups … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 15 all-day Romania
Save money, eat smart! – Students will learn how to make smart choices related to nutrition. They will compare costs healthy vs junk food. But also will talk about long term benefits and costs of … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 16 all-day Ireland
Colaiste Chroabh Abhann visit to Irish Stock Exchange
Mar 16 all-day Netherlands
Global Money Week workshop and poster competition
Mar 16 all-day Zambia
Youth to Youth talks where selected youth participants will share on the selected three topics that?s savings, budgeting and spending then followed by an Expert to Youth talk where the First National Bank personnel will … Continue reading Kasiya College
Mar 16 all-day Kenya
A visit to the Nairobi Stock Exchange on the 16th of March 2016 by approximately 25 students from Precious Blood Riruta High School and 30 students from Nyeri High School by latest 1000 hrs(GMT+3). On … Continue reading Nyeri High School
Mar 16 all-day Romania
Students will have a surprize this year- they will be able to become the real players of a real size game that they love and have been requested as activity (all the properties from the … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 17 all-day Romania
Children will opt to take part to create an object to market the “The Dragons”. They will make the product/prototype and present it to their class (Tuesday AM); to lower and upper Primary (Tuesday PM) … Continue reading Transylvania College

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