Mar 14 all-day United States
Financial Education Instructor Mr. Jose Fulgencio will host a live Google hangout workshop for participants to learn how to budget their money effectively in order to reach their budget goals. In this live video chat, … Continue reading Oklahoma State University
Mar 14 all-day Romania
Middle school students will spend a whole day with their parents, at their parents? jobs trying to figure put exactly what a job assumes); feedback session on Job Shadowing- students will be split in groups … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 15 all-day Romania
Save money, eat smart! – Students will learn how to make smart choices related to nutrition. They will compare costs healthy vs junk food. But also will talk about long term benefits and costs of … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 16 all-day Peru
Visits to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, the Congress of the Republic and the Lima Stock Exchange
Mar 16 all-day Ireland
Colaiste Chroabh Abhann visit to Irish Stock Exchange
Mar 16 all-day Netherlands
Global Money Week workshop and poster competition
Mar 16 all-day Romania
Students will have a surprize this year- they will be able to become the real players of a real size game that they love and have been requested as activity (all the properties from the … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 17 all-day Romania
Children will opt to take part to create an object to market the “The Dragons”. They will make the product/prototype and present it to their class (Tuesday AM); to lower and upper Primary (Tuesday PM) … Continue reading Transylvania College

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