Mar 14 all-day Rwanda
9:00-11:00 a.m. (GMT+2), Kigali Opening ceremony / Ring the Bell
Mar 14 all-day Guinea
Launch of the GMW celebrations in Conakry with a national conference on the topic: “Taking part in saving smart”
Mar 14 all-day United States
Financial Education Instructor Mr. Jose Fulgencio will host a live Google hangout workshop for participants to learn how to budget their money effectively in order to reach their budget goals. In this live video chat, … Continue reading Oklahoma State University
Mar 14 all-day Philippines
Paglaum MPC will launch its first recycling campaign called Recycle the present, Save the future.
Mar 14 all-day Cameroon
9:00 am Ring the Bell +
Mar 15 all-day Rwanda
10:00-12:00 am. (GMT+2), Kigali Opening of Bank Visits with KCB Rwanda
Mar 15 all-day Philippines
Poster making contest with primary and secondary students.
Mar 15 all-day Cameroon
Douala Open forum under the theme of GMW 2016 ?Take part. Save smart? in a high school (bilingual government high school of Nylon-Douala)
Mar 16 all-day Rwanda
Kigali Finance summit at the University of Rwanda + Bank Visit I&M Bank Southern province Bank visits to I&M Bank & KCB Bank Nothern Province Bank visit to BPR
Mar 16 all-day Peru
Visits to the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment, the Congress of the Republic and the Lima Stock Exchange
Mar 16 all-day Zambia
Youth to Youth talks where selected youth participants will share on the selected three topics that?s savings, budgeting and spending then followed by an Expert to Youth talk where the First National Bank personnel will … Continue reading Kasiya College
Mar 16 all-day Kenya
A visit to the Nairobi Stock Exchange on the 16th of March 2016 by approximately 25 students from Precious Blood Riruta High School and 30 students from Nyeri High School by latest 1000 hrs(GMT+3). On … Continue reading Nyeri High School
Mar 16 all-day Philippines
Essay writing contest with primary and secondary students.
Mar 16 all-day Rwanda
Participating in the Financial360 Summit organised by AIESEC in Rwanda
Mar 17 all-day Rwanda
Kigali Corporate and bank visits (KPMG, PwC, BPR, Vision Finance Company) Southern and Northern Province Bank visits to KCB Bank
Mar 17 all-day Philippines
Piggy bank making contest with primary and secondary students.
Mar 17 all-day Cameroon
Douala Visit to a financial institution in the city accompanied by students of schools previously

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