Mar 16 all-day Serbia
Workshop ?My Budget and I?
Mar 16 all-day Kenya
A visit to the Nairobi Stock Exchange on the 16th of March 2016 by approximately 25 students from Precious Blood Riruta High School and 30 students from Nyeri High School by latest 1000 hrs(GMT+3). On … Continue reading Nyeri High School
Mar 16 all-day South Africa
Financial education workshops in schools focusing on: Budgeting, Checking and Savings, Power of Credit, and Investments as well as Entrepreneurship sessions focusing on: Basics of Business, Developing Your Business Idea, Developing a Financial Plan for … Continue reading Operation HOPE South Africa
Mar 16 all-day Palestine
274 banks branches will be decorated in a way to attract the attention of children and youth such as posters, flags, roll ups and posters, in addition a one working hour will be allocated per … Continue reading Palestine Monetary Authority
Mar 16 all-day Zimbabwe
1. Students in the country?s 10 provinces will participate in an essay writing competition on Saving. 2 Children will stand to win per province. Winners will have a Youth or Juniorsave account opened and $50 … Continue reading People?s Own Savings Bank of Zimbabwe (POSB)
Mar 16 all-day Rwanda
Participating in the Financial360 Summit organised by AIESEC in Rwanda
Mar 16 all-day Serbia
Education of children (6-8 years) – Elementary School in Belgrade, piggy-banks as gifts and a story on savingsYouth Education (18-22 years). Lecture and visit for university students Education of youth -workshop for the high school … Continue reading The Association of Serbian Banks
Mar 16 all-day United Kingdom
The Money Charity will be delivering 27 financial education workshops across the country to students aged between 11 -19. These workshops will explore topics such as budgeting and planning, saving, credit and living independently.
Mar 16 all-day Romania
Students will have a surprize this year- they will be able to become the real players of a real size game that they love and have been requested as activity (all the properties from the … Continue reading Transylvania College
Mar 16 all-day Botswana
Classroom session on Personal Finance
Mar 16 all-day Afghanistan
Event 1: Education Session ‘Importance of Money’ ? Presentation. 2:00 p.m. – 2:40 p.m. (UTC). 40 youth paticipants. Nusai, Darwaz, Badakhshan. Event 2: Excursion to the Microfinance Bank – Darwaz branch. 02:40 p.m. – 3:20 … Continue reading University of Central Asia SPCE Afghanistan
Mar 16 all-day Tajikistan
Event 1: Session on ‘Setting financial goals’ for women that are members of CBSG. 08:00 – 10: 00 a.m. (UTC+05:00). Aimed at women that are members of community savings groups (CBSG) in Khorog town. Khorog, … Continue reading University of Central Asia SPCE Tajikistan
Mar 16 all-day Mozambique
16 March – 08:00 AM Training on financial literacy
Mar 17 all-day Somalia
Key issues will be how the Somali currency be revived and what affect the demise of Somali currency has on the economy and if Somalia manages to revive its currency how could be prevented from … Continue reading Action for Women and Child Concern Organization
Mar 17 all-day Rwanda
Kigali Corporate and bank visits (KPMG, PwC, BPR, Vision Finance Company) Southern and Northern Province Bank visits to KCB Bank
Mar 17 all-day Bosnia and Herzegovina
financial education workshops and lectures, visits to banks and financial institutions and of course promoting via Social Media, local radio stations and television.
Mar 17 all-day Lebanon
Bank Audi will be hosting high-school students for ?A Day at Bank Audi? which will take place at Bank Audi, Bab Idriss, Plaza Head Offices. This day they will look at compliance & risks: anti-money … Continue reading Bank Audi
Mar 17 all-day Finland
GMW themes communicated to groups of school children and youth visiting the Museum
Mar 17 all-day Greece
Educational visits to the Money Museum of Bank of Greece
Mar 17 all-day Lithuania
creative comics? competition ?I save smart! So should you!? Games and solving tests at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania – introduction to monetary history. The Bank of Lithuania?s buildings in Kaunas will … Continue reading Bank of Lithuania
Mar 17 all-day United Kingdom
‘Presenting money session’. Young people from New Horizon Youth Centre will be taking over the handling desk in the Citi Money Gallery at The British Museum.
Mar 17 all-day Saudi Arabia
Open Day in six Shopping Malls, where the concept of savings and personal finance principles will be promoted.
Mar 17 all-day Montenegro
Visit to the cities on the north of Montenegro TV show with the National Television Morning program
Mar 17 all-day Kosovo
17th of march 2016 ? Gjilan City ? Economic Faculty ? Governor will give a speech on latest financial developments and financial education
Mar 17 all-day Armenia
5 financial contests: o The Photo Story competition’ with the topic ?Debt management?. The o Art Competition for children with the topic ?The life on my financial planet?. o Storytelling competition for the schoolchildren between … Continue reading Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Mar 17 all-day Madagascar
During the Week: Advertisements in the media (press release, newspapers, TV and radio spots…)
Mar 17 all-day Iran
In Iran, Eghtesad Novin Bank and the Central Bank undertake various activities today – all Eghtesad branches will invite schools to the bank to give children lectures about money, saving and the new savings account.
Mar 17 all-day Egypt
EBI and its 250 partners reach out to children and youth by carrying out awareness sessions in schools, universities and youth centres.
Mar 17 all-day United Arab Emirates
A secondary school will be visited in Hatta and a creative workshop will be run with them by making a money box out of arts and crafts materials. The students will be provided with all … Continue reading Emirates Foundation
Mar 17 all-day Austria
I ?AN Workshop. 03:00-06:00 p.m. (GMT+1). Young people will attend the workshop where they will explore and develop their relationship with money and its use. Zweite Sparkasse with Schuldnerberatung Wien and Jugend am Werk (JaW). … Continue reading Erste Group Bank AG

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