Transylvania College

2016-Mar-16 all-day

Students will have a surprize this year- they will be able to become the real players of a real size game that they love and have been requested as activity (all the properties from the game represent real properties of our partners, sponsors and friends, once again displaying a lot of connection with reality). Financial Workshops: A great opportunity for high school students to connect with the real world; according to their interests, student will be split in groups and each group will attend a specific financial workshop 1. OneCoin (Crytocurrency) by Pascal Rene Andre 2. Taxes by Calin Taut (PricewaterhouseCoopers) 3. Restructuring by Nausica Sirb/Andrei Cionca (CITR) 4. Stock exchange by Bogdan Mugescu (Burse de valori Bucuresti- BVB) 5. World economic situation: is 2016 a new 2008 in the context of a new economic crisis? By MIhai Copaciu (National Bank of Romania).

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