Mar 14 all-day France
To start GMW, Ms. Sana Afouaiz (a women?s advocate and human right activist) will host an international Expert Talk together with Mr. Majid Mirza Hussain (Expert of youth employment) and Ms. Bistra Kumbaroska (Entrepreneur and … Continue reading African Youth Advocate Platform
Mar 14 all-day Rwanda
9:00-11:00 a.m. (GMT+2), Kigali Opening ceremony / Ring the Bell
Mar 14 all-day Bosnia and Herzegovina
financial education workshops and lectures, visits to banks and financial institutions and of course promoting via Social Media, local radio stations and television.
Mar 14 all-day Lithuania
creative comics? competition ?I save smart! So should you!? Games and solving tests at the Money Museum of the Bank of Lithuania – introduction to monetary history. The Bank of Lithuania?s buildings in Kaunas will … Continue reading Bank of Lithuania
Mar 14 all-day Belarus
Ring the Bell ceremony at 10 am – Opening of GMW in Belarus with the participation of more than 40 youth, and all major national media and press.
Mar 14 all-day United Kingdom
‘History repeated? Economics study day at The British Museum’. The Citi Money Gallery, British Museum.
Mar 14 all-day Belgium
Launch of the Belgium Money Week – under the leadership of the FSMA
Mar 14 all-day Montenegro
Visit of the High school students to the Central bank of Montenegro
Mar 14 all-day Kosovo
14th of March 2016 ? Prizren City, main Primary School ? 4 and 5th grade – working groups and a presentation on Security features on Euro banknotes
Mar 14 all-day Armenia
5 financial contests: o The Photo Story competition’ with the topic ?Debt management?. The o Art Competition for children with the topic ?The life on my financial planet?. o Storytelling competition for the schoolchildren between … Continue reading Central Bank of the Republic of Armenia
Mar 14 all-day Azerbaijan
Visits to secondary schools from the representatives of the Central Bank of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Games on Social media (and Facebook page of CBAR)
Mar 14 all-day Madagascar
6:30 a.m. (GMT), Antananarivo – Official launch of GMW celebrations in Madagascar by the Ministry of Finance and Budget. Opening ceremony + talks and presentations around the topic ?The state of financial inclusion in Madagascar? … Continue reading Coordination Nationale de la MicroFinance
Mar 14 all-day Bulgaria
Financial Literacy Initiative Foundation has developed lessons/activity methodology for the youngest students devoted to the topic of GMW and distributed it among the relevant schools. The lessons will be delivered by teachers. Representatives from financial … Continue reading Financial Literacy Initiative Foundation
Mar 14 all-day Sweden
Event 1: Money week Round table debate. Money Week kicks off with a discussion organised by the banks and the Swedish Bankers? Association at the Royal Coin Cabinet. Stockholm. Money Week kicks off with a … Continue reading Finansinspektionen – Financial Supervisory Authority Sweden
Mar 14 all-day Turkey
Ring The Bell. 00:8 p.m. (GMT+2). Opening Ceremony: Children and youth visit the national stock exchange to learn about why they exist and how they operate. ?stanbul, Borsa ?stanbul A.?.
Mar 14 all-day Italy
money management,earning, spending, saving, planning and budgeting, entrepreneurship, business plan, sustainable economy. Banks participating in the Financial Education Foundation will conduct some lessons; 2 meetings targeted to teachers and trainers in order to ?train the … Continue reading Fondazione per l?Educazione Finanziaria e al Risparmio
Mar 14 all-day Guinea
Launch of the GMW celebrations in Conakry with a national conference on the topic: “Taking part in saving smart”
Mar 14 all-day Turkey
Advisory Committee Meeting and Expert to Youth
Mar 14 all-day Ghana
Financial Literacy Workshop
Mar 14 all-day Bulgaria
art competition for primary students; selfie competition for lower secondary and an essay competition for upper secondary school students. The art and essay competitions will be announced on 1 March, the results will be announced … Continue reading Junior Achievement Bulgaria
Mar 14 all-day Poland
Polish Financial Supervision Authority (KNF) is going to coordinate about 50 different activities/events taking place in approx. 10 schools all over the country. Thanks to our cooperation with active teachers and methodologists of economics, entrepreneurship … Continue reading KNF – Polish Financial Supervision Authority
Mar 14 all-day Germany
Based of the schoolmaterial by few woman experts will teach their skills and in teams the kid age of 11 -11years old will learn how to build a startup, including budget, marketing, pr, idea … Continue reading Learn Money
Mar 14 all-day Albania
The opening ceremony from the Governor of Bank of Albania, Minister of Social Welfare and Youth (TBC), Minister of Education, Chairman of Albanian Association of Banks. (Place: Park next to BOA) 11:30- 12:30 Educational and … Continue reading Ministry of Education and Sports of Albania
Mar 14 all-day Croatia
Roundtable discussion will launch GMW in Croatia. Organized by the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Science, Education and Sport under the title ?Financial Literacy and Youth?.
Mar 14 all-day Madagascar
Launching GMW celebrations through official opening ceremony
Mar 14 all-day Russian Federation
National Financial Literacy Exam for children and youth will mark the start of the Week. Online test will be available on the national financial education website the whole Week, and will be widely promoted via … Continue reading Ministry of Finance of Russian Federation
Mar 14 all-day Germany
Event 1: Pen Pal letter exchange. Through a special letter- exchange activity, classes all over Germany will learn about exchange rates and the importance of saving while making new friends and expanding their cultural horizons. … Continue reading My Finance Coach Stiftung GmbH
Mar 14 all-day Georgia
NGO Society and Banks will dedicate its entire segment (called ?Morning Financial Advisor) in the program titled ?Business Morning? on local news station, Maestro TV.
Mar 14 all-day Romania
1.VISIT to a bank: 2, VISIT to the NBR museum: 3, Essay COMPETITION. The students of primary from the whole country will participate to a national competition on financial education. The first part of the … Continue reading National Bank of Romania
Mar 14 all-day Serbia
14:00 hours Essay

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